MBMG welcomes editors Dr. Bettina Thalinger and Dr. Henrik Nilsson

05 September 2022

Metabarcoding and Metagenomics (MBMG) is excited to welcome two experts, who recently joined our editorial team. Let us introduce you to:

  • Dr. Bettina Thalinger is a Senior scientist at the Applied Animal Ecology Research Unit of the University of Innsbruck (Austria), where she focuses on the detection of trace amounts of DNA from environmental samples to study species distributions, interactions, and diversity. Most of her work is centred around birds and fishes and their foraging ecology, distribution patterns in space and time, and sex-specific differences.

“I enjoy working with community scientists and translating scientific findings into guidelines for species monitoring and conservation,” she says on her personal website. “Due to my additional qualifications in International Business and Economics, I have close ties to several commercial providers of eDNA-related services and actively use my leadership experience for mentoring and supervising undergraduate and graduate students.”

You can follow Bettina on Twitter (@Bettina_Thal).

At MBMG, Henrik will be handling manuscripts dealing with the fungal phylum Basidiomycota and the subjects of DNA barcoding, Bioinformatics, DNA reference libraries, Phylogeny and Molecular systematics.

As of today, Henrik is also the most active reviewer and one of the top most prolific authors and editors at Pensoft's flagship journal in mycology: MycoKeys.

Our team at MBMG is wishing both of them a wonderful and fulfilling time as part of our journal’s team!

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