Maximum likelihood phylogenetic tree of Mayamaea species using the rbcL fragment. Rossia, Fallacia and Sellaphora taxa were used as outgroups. Bootstrap values are indicated at nodes. Sequences acquired in present study are in bold and indicated with “KHT” (referring to Körtvélyesi Holt-Tisza). Sequences from database are provided with NCBI GenBank accession number (if available) or culture ID of Thonon Culture Collection.

  Part of: Bíró T, Duleba M, Földi A, Kiss KT, Orgoványi P, Trábert Z, Vadkerti E, Wetzel CE, Ács É (2022) Metabarcoding as an effective complement of microscopic studies in revealing the composition of the diatom community – a case study of an oxbow lake of Tisza River (Hungary) with the description of a new Mayamaea species. Metabarcoding and Metagenomics 6: e87497.