COI diversity comparison between sediment and water samples from Hunts Point (HP) Riverside and Soundview (SVP) Parks. A) Faith’s Phylogenetic Diversity. Result of a global Kruskal-Wallace significance test is shown at the top of the plot. Letters indicate no groupings were significantly different from one another based on pairwise significance tests (p <0.05). B) Principal Coordinates Analysis (PCoA) of Bray-Curtis distances. 95% confidence ellipses for each site + sample type combination were produced using the stat_ellipse function in ggplot2.

  Part of: Naro-Maciel E, Ingala MR, Werner IE, Reid BN, Fitzgerald AM (2022) COI amplicon sequence data of environmental DNA collected from the Bronx River Estuary, New York City. Metabarcoding and Metagenomics 6: e80139.