Dendrogram of relationships among metabarcoding and morphological samples, using binary distances and Ward’s D2 agglomeration method (Experiment Series A). (A) Results from individual metabarcoding assays and morphological data. Fish = FishCytb, Carp = CarpCytb, Goby = GobyCytb, MiFish = 12S RNA, Morph = morphological sampling. (B) Results from the multi-assay approach (Multi) and morphological (Morph) data. See Fig. 2 for color key and site abbreviations.

  Part of: Snyder MR, Stepien CA (2020) Increasing confidence for discerning species and population compositions from metabarcoding assays of environmental samples: case studies of fishes in the Laurentian Great Lakes and Wabash River. Metabarcoding and Metagenomics 4: e53455.  

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