Correlation between morphological and molecular IPS values for samples from the WFD network of Mayotte (left) and of metropolitan France (right). Correction factors (CFs) were (below) or were not (above) applied on molecular taxonomic inventories. The limits of the WFD ecological status classes defined for the IPS are indicated in colour (red = bad, orange = poor, yellow = moderate, green = good, blue = very good), except for Mayotte where these classes are not yet defined. IPS: Indice de Polluosensibilité Spécifique.

  Part of: Valentin V, Frédéric R, Isabelle D, Olivier M, Yorick R, Agnès B (2019) Assessing pollution of aquatic environments with diatoms’ DNA metabarcoding: experience and developments from France Water Framework Directive networks. Metabarcoding and Metagenomics 3: e39646.