Study sites in southwest Germany close to Neustadt-Geinsheim. "Stiftungsfläche" (S), "Großwald" (G), "Mitteltrumm" (M) "Lachen-Speyerdorf" (CL). S, G and M were divided into Bti-treated (T; 20 years treated) and Bti–untreated (U; first season untreated) site pairs, and CL served as control site never been treated with Bti.

  Part of: Theissinger K, Kästel A, Elbrecht V, Makkonen J, Michiels S, Schmidt S, Allgeier S, Leese F, Brühl C (2018) Using DNA metabarcoding for assessing chironomid diversity and community change in mosquito controlled temporary wetlands. Metabarcoding and Metagenomics 2: e21060.