Detection of haplotypes in the tested single species mock community (DceM) using the fwh1 primer set. Sequences below 0.003% relative read abundance were discarded. A: Relative abundance of detected haplotypes in both PCR replicates plotted against cumulative specimen weight (red line indicates linear regression). Because the fwh1 fragment is shorter than the previously sequenced Folmer COI fragment (Elbrecht and Leese 2015), only a maximum of 15 haplotypes can be detected with the short COI fragment. B: Ratio of relative haplotype abundance when dividing replicate A by replicate B with a red line indicating the expected value of 1.

  Part of: Vamos E, Elbrecht V, Leese F (2017) Short COI markers for freshwater macroinvertebrate metabarcoding. Metabarcoding and Metagenomics 1: e14625.