Correspondence analysis (CA) plot comparing standard versus dPCR metabarcoding approach for natural communities. Indicated are differences of chironomid communities from four Bti-treated (triangles, dark colours) and four control (squares, light colours) ponds of a mesocosm study over five sampling dates (N = 40). Two different metabarcoding approaches, i.e., with (orange) or without (blue) DNA extraction, were used for each community. Proportion explained per axis: CA1–7.8%, CA2–7.5%. Ellipsoids indicate standard deviations of points. Two very distant points are not visible in this figure.

  Part of: Röder N, Schwenk K (2023) Direct PCR meets high-throughput sequencing – metabarcoding of chironomid communities without DNA extraction. Metabarcoding and Metagenomics 7: e102455.